About Us


Two single mothers struggling to survive and searching for ways to create beautiful but functional homes on a budget collide in a random act of love, healing, creativity, preservation, and family. Each have a different story to tell about their struggle to make ends meet, but as they learn more about each other, they soon find that there are so many similarities in their stories.

  • Both have experienced trauma and learned to heal through creativity.
  • Both have learned that attitude makes all the difference.
  • Both have struggled financially and learned to reuse, recycle, and DIY for home and family.
  • Both love nature and will first chose to upcycle, refresh and preserve instead of adding to our already full landfills.
  • Both believe that beauty is in everything and is revealed through love.
  • Both have always dreamed of owning their own business.

In this collision of love, healing, creativity, preservation, and family, these two have chosen to use past experiences, the desire for a good hunt, and creative passion to live life on purpose with purpose. We are Artina Mitchell and SommerLea Moss and our love project is called Sassy BootieQ, a place where the hunt for treasure meets the sass of life to unveil the beauty in everything.

We hope you find the one, two or more items you've been searching for!

Artina & SommerLea