What is WoodUBend?

We at SassyBootieQ asked the same question when we were scouring the internet for fun furniture embellishment ideas. The name was certainly intriguing and in a way explained the purpose but we had no idea how awesome they really were, until we used it for the first time. We were amazed!

WoodUbend is a heat bendable molding, also known as appliques, embellishments, or bendable artistic decorations. But hold on! Don't get WoodUbend mixed up with other heat up, contour to fit silicone or resin moldings because this cool product is in fact made with a high percentage of wood. Why does that matter, you ask? Let me share...

Because of the high percentage of wood, these pretty designs, scrolls and rolls are effectively considered wood. They look like wood, act like wood, and smell like wood! They can be sanded, sawed, stained, varnished, drilled, painted, distressed, and whatever else people like to do with wood. Added bonus, it does exactly as you would expect wood to do. 

But there is more. Add a little heat using a heat gun, a griddle or even a hair dryer to one of these pretty little pieces of wooden art and they become flexible! Yes! I said it, they become flexible! In its warm state, you can bend it, cut it, and stretch it to fit in any situation on almost any surface with a little good quality wood glue! And when it cools, WoodUbend will retain its shape and effectively turn back to hard wood. We love this bendy wood for upcycling our pretty vintage and antique furniture finds.  

Want to learn a little more? Here is a little YouTube from WoodUbend to quench your curiosity: Heating and Uncurling your WoodUbend Trims

Thank you for taking a peek at SassyBootieQ! We hope you enjoyed your time with us!


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