What Is So Great About Cling On Paint Brushes

What makes Cling On Paint Brushes so superior to all furniture paint brushes? There are several brush attributes that make them the "go to" brush for many professional furniture painters. Here are a few reasons:

Full Line Of Cling On! Paint Brushes

  • Zero Shedding: You will not lose bristles on your Cling On Paint Brushes. They are made in the Netherland with state of the art Dupont Filaments that are produced in the USA. The bristles will not break or come lose from the ferrule. No more picking bristles out of paint!
  • Self Cleaning: Cling on Brushes are designed to be used and stored wet, this means when you are finished painting, simply return bristles to water and the paint will just fall off of the bristles. You can use a mason jar and clip: suspend bristle tips in water by using a chip clip on the handle to keep the bristles from resting on the bottom. This method preserves shape retention and keeps your brushes free of dried on paint! Lightly rinse in warm water before use if necessary, wring out excess water, and you are ready for painting again! No need to scrub with soap and water or wait for your brushes to dry.
  • Brush Stroke Free Finish: The smooth silky bristles of Cling On Brushes hold plenty of paint and allow for a flawless application that is unmatched by any brush. In turn, you will use less paint because of a more uniform application. This application can reduce or eliminate the need to sand out any coarse surfaces of paint and no need to sand out brush strokes. Painting with the brushes slightly wet helps produce a flawless finish and prevents paint from drying on bristles while in use.
  • Extreme Durability: Today so many paint brushes are treated as disposable, and a cling on brush is designed to last a long time! When it’s time to replace your Cling On Brush, be prepared for a sad goodbye since you will have become attached over your time together. With proper care there these gems will last for years.
  • A Therapeutic Experience: Paint is therapy! I found this out when I painted my first piece of furniture (on advisement of a therapist). This is how we found out that painting is our “happy place”!. Its relaxing, its creative, and for those of us that need a time out from any obstacles and worry in our lives, it provides an unmatched feeling of Zen. We know we are not alone in this belief, because so many people have shared how painting helped them deal with loss, with sickness, and with the need to create and have a sense of self. For many creative individuals, our minds are constantly running with ideas, to do lists, stresses, worries, and responsibilities. It’s nice to take a timeout to paint, and the brush itself feels so much smoother when painting. The smooth feeling produced when painting with a Cling On Brush cannot be described.

 There is versatility from multiple styles and sizes so you will find a brush for all projects in the Cling On line. 

  • O Series/Oval Styles: ideal for all over painting and great for painting legs and spindles as well as any detailed areas. The O40 is the bestselling Cling On brush and the O45 is a favorite among cabinet painters.
    • 035- Small Oval
    • 040- Medium Oval
    • 045- Large Oval
  • R Series/Round Brush Styles: ideal for all over painting and produce a similar finish to oval brushes but I find the Oval Brushes make for quicker painting but the round styles are best suited for more detailed areas. These will make quick work of painting banisters, spindles and more. The R12 is the perfect brush for small projects like jewelry boxes or photo frames.
    • R12- Extra Small Round
    • R14- Small Round
    • R16- Medium Round
    • R18- Large round
    • R20- XL Round
  • F Series/Flat Styles: ideal for large surface painting and more. Some painters just prefer a flat brush for all applications and it’s all a matter of personal style and finding what works for you. The large is wonderful for stain and poly applications in addition to painting. I found, when working alongside my husband staining our deck, that the Cling On brush was wonderful for more than just paint. The areas I applied the finish with my F50 Cling on were flawless compared to the streaky finish produced from the large natural bristle brush that the “stain experts” recommended he use. The flat styles are also useful for cabinet painting and more flat surfaces.
    • F30- Small Flat
    • F40- Medium Flat
    • F50-Large Flat
  • P Series/Angled Styles: ideal for all of those tricky areas. I get the most questions about this style. “What are those funky angled ones for?” Once you have used them to reach that area that you couldn’t get to, then you will truly understand their value! They are ideal for pieces like hutches or on the interior of pieces, and for painting under arms of a chair, under a horizontal spindle, and areas that you cannot fit a traditional brush. They aren’t suitable for painting an entire project as they are smaller sizes but you will find many times that you could use one!
      • P16- Small Angled
      • P20- Medium Angled
      • P24-Large Angled

CLING ON! Brush Tips -Let your bristles absorb some water prior to use. Some say, let your brush “Get its feet wet”. -Do not remove the attached strings present on the round and oval styles. They help preserve shape retention of brush. Try to keep from dipping the brush up to the strings to preserve the life and make brush cleanup easier. -Lightly wring out or spin brush handle between hands to remove excess water prior to use. -Store your brush in water when not in use. A little water in the bottom of a mason jar and a chip clip attached to the handle to keep bristles suspended, will provide an excellent home for your brush and make cleanup a breeze. -Dip the tips of bristles in a little water while painting if the paint seems to be drying on the bristles. This is especially useful while working outdoors and will help promote the flawless brush stroke free finish.[/box]

Favorites:  I hope this answers any Cling On! Questions about selecting the right brush as well as use and care. If I had to select a set for all furniture painters, I would recommend:

  • Cabinet Painting: Oval Large- O45
  • Med to large projects: Flat Medium- F40
  • Detailed areas, spindes, legs:  Med or Large Round- R16 or R18
  • Cutting in, detail, small projects: Extra Small round- R12
  • Hard to reach places and inside hutches: Angled medium or Large- P20 or P24.

 You can buy Cling On Paint Brushes here!

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